Management Consulting in Horti Business

Would you like to play a leading role in the dynamic horticulture cluster of tomorrow?

By harnessing our expertise in strategy, organisation, innovation, performance and finance, this can become a reality. Everything that contributes to the growth and development of your company.

Hillenraad Partners will advise and guide you in making the right choices to realise your ambition. Our in-depth knowledge of horticulture, extensive network and specialist professionals are at your disposal. We will work with you to find the leading strategy for the success of your organisation.

Do your existing activities offer sufficient prospects for the future? In which areas can your company strengthen itself? When is it the right choice to continue on the same path and when do you need to change course? We are driven to solve these strategic challenges and find new paths with you. We translate the strategy of tomorrow into the effective actions and practical solutions of today.

Hillenraad Partners’ advice is based on our specialist knowledge, years of practical experience, as well as long-standing research into the success factors of leading companies in the horticulture cluster. For 17 years, we have been guiding companies and monitoring developments in the highly dynamic horticulture cluster. Through our drive to remain at the forefront together, we are dedicated to achieving the best for you.

Our services

When should you contact Hillenraad Partners?


When you need to adjust the course of your company to adapt to changing circumstances. Together, we’ll construct the bridge between today and tomorrow. We will work with you to create a focused snapshot of your position. Interpreting developments. Developing scenarios. Making choices for both the long-term and short-term to fulfil your ambitions. That is our profession.


Structuring your organisation in such a way that people can function optimally and your company and employees can grow to their full potential. Allowing the company and its employees to achieve their ambitions together. That’s what we’re good at.


You must be part of the continuous flow of innovation that defines horticulture. We will apply the latest findings and innovation methods to your business. We make large and small companies more innovative through targeted training and a practical approach. For many of our customers this has been the foundation for renewed growth, especially in times of change. New directions for you – familiar territory for us.


For a focused insight into your company’s performance and processes – with the right indicators and systems for optimal management of your company. This is more comprehensive than measurement alone. Using data analysis and artificial intelligence, we provide insight and find the key for boosting your company’s performance. Raising the bar together.


From devising the optimal financial structure for your company, to fine-tuning your business model. How can you determine the right financial indicators? What type of financing suits your strategy and market conditions? How do you create capacity for growth – through banking or an investment company? What if alliances, joint ventures, mergers or acquisitions come into play to fulfil your ambition? We will make a difference to the bottom line.

What we can offer you

The expertise and services of Hillenraad Partners

Customised advice

When answering your business questions requires a solid approach with expertise and years of practical experience, with a proven methodology and a fresh outside view. Forward-looking and practical advice translated into a clear approach. This has been at the core of our consulting agency since 2003.

Coaching & training

Professionally develop directors, managers or teams in knowledge, attitudes and behaviours in order to achieve your goals faster in line with the chosen strategy. To develop focused ambitions, insight and skills in order to excel and perform. Individually or as a group. Since 2011 an important service to implement strategy and steer your company in the right direction. 

Interim management & projects

For new temporary activities where in-house knowledge, skills and capacity are still lacking. From project start-up to project management and interim management. Help build your business by being a part of it on a temporary basis. We have achieved great results with our customers in this area as well in recent years.


What you can expect from us

Challenging and inspiring you to discover new paths and create and utilise new opportunities. That is what defines us. Like no other, we are able to resolve strategic issues with you, thanks to our in-depth knowledge of the sector, our resourcefulness and practical approach.
Our main incentive: making your business stronger by linking in-depth knowledge and insight into the horticultural cluster with the specific market dynamics and the leading horticultural companies.
The compelling enthusiasm of discovering opportunities in the market together, developing new products and services, and making people excel in their role. Each and every day. We are prepared for tomorrow.
Growing, blooming and trimming. Season after season. Always on the move. Never the same. A sector with authentic people, real fresh produce and endless opportunities.
Together, we will build a world-class horticulture industry.


Martien Penning

Managing partner

Resourceful strategist with a keen eye for opportunities and solutions

Hans van den Ende

Managing partner

Experienced strategist who can translate vision into organisational and practical solutions

Cees Uitbeijerse


Strategy advice on implementation in the areas of Corporate Finance and CFO services

Thomas de Haas


Enabling clear decisions and action with depthful understanding and analytics

Filip van Zon

Associate partner

Cutting-edge strategic analyses that simplify choices

Martijn van Noort

Associate partner

Gets companies moving with his experience and executive power

Merel Verwaal

Business consultant 

Looks at strategy, innovation and internal processes from the customer’s perspective.

Saskia Verstraate

Quiet force in the background

Entrepreneurs do not wait until tomorrow

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