Enabling entrepreneurs and organisations in the worldwide horticulture industry to excel in strategy, organisation and finance

Hillenraad Partners enables companies to take better decisions. We are driven to solve strategic challenges and find new roadways. We share with our clients the purpose to stay ahead. Hillenraad Partners’ advice is based on our knowledge and practical experience, as well as more than 15 years of research into the success factors of front runner companies.


What drives Hillenraad Partners?

We are your source of innovation because we are inquisitive, resourceful and practical. Inspiring you to find new roadways and to create new opportunities makes us happy.

Our main motivation: linking our thorough knowledge of horticulture, horticultural companies and the horticulture industry to what happens outside the industry and can make your company stronger.

We love discovering opportunities in the market together, developing new products and services, and making people excel in their roles. There’s always a new challenge, every day.

We want to help build a world-class horticulture industry, simply because we live and breathe horticulture. It is in our roots, it is our source and we know that everything you pay attention to will grow.

To grow, to flourish, and to prune. Every season all over again. Always on the move. Never the same. Real people, real products, with endless opportunities. That is what being an entrepreneur entails.


The expertise and services of Hillenraad Partners


In essence strategy is all about adapting your enterprise to changing circumstances. Interpreting developments. Developing scenarios. Making choices and change. That is our profession.


Designing, building and developing organisations that enable people to realise their ambitions and provide them with the opportunity to grow. That’s what we’re good at.


Profit is the result of doing business and requires a sharp insight into processes, key figures, performance and the optimal financial structure of your enterprise. We provide that insight.


Providing solutions to entrepreneurs for problems where the available knowledge and abilities require added external expertise. Making conscious choices based on knowledgeability and a fresh outlook.

Coaching & training

To bring out the best in board members, managers and teams in order to achieve the desired change targets. To develop ambitions, insight and skills with focus in order to excel. Both individually and in group processes.


Executing temporary projects that fall outside the knowledge, ability and capacity spectrum of the client. From solid project initiation to project management or interim management, with a sharp focus on result.


Hillenraad Partners’ core team

Martien Penning

Managing partner

Hans van den Ende

Managing partner

Jaap Stolze

Associate partner

Entrepreneurs do not wait until tomorrow

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