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Find out how our expertise in strategy, organisation, innovation, performance and finance can contribute to the growth and development of your business.

Hillenraad Partners advises and guides you in making the right choices to achieve your ambitions. Our deep knowledge of horticulture, extensive network and specialised professionals are at your disposal. We work with you to find the leading strategy to ensure the success of your business and translate that into effective actions and practical solutions for today and tomorrow.

For 20 years, we have been active in consulting companies and monitoring developments in the highly-dynamic horticulture sector. Those years of practical experience, the long-term research into the key success factors of the leading companies in the horticultural sector together with our deep knowledge of the industry form the solid foundation that underpin our reputation as experts.

Based on our drive to stay ahead together, we will commit ourselves to the growth and development of your business.

Our approach

Learn more about Hillenraad’s integrated approach to develop the best strategy for a succesful business.

Data-driven strategy

You want to adapt the strategy of your company to meet challenging circumstances. To do so, we will create a sharp picture of your current position: a contemporary data-driven analysis, based on facts. By interpreting developments and exploring scenarios, we will determine short-term and long-term strategic options. We will explore the best routes for you to successfully achieve your ambitions. That’s our field of expertise.

Committed and agile organisation

Together with your team, we support you in improving your organisation, so that people can perform optimally, and your business and employees can grow to their maximum potential. We will ensure that the company and employees achieve their joint ambitions. This is our strength.

Continuous monitoring of performance

Success depends on a keen understanding of the performance of your business and processes. For optimal control of your company, you need to have the right key figures and systems in place. Using data analysis and artificial intelligence, we provide insight and we find the key to continuously improving your company’s performance. Raising the bar together.

Pioneering innovation

Horticulture has succeeded through continuous innovation. This requires an understanding of technology and the application of the latest innovation methodologies to your business. With targeted training and a practical approach, we make companies more innovative. In doing so, we lay the foundation for renewed growth, especially in times of change. This is highly familiar territory to us.

Optimal structure and financing

An optimal financial structure for your business provides room for growth. Together with you, we determine the optimal finance package to suit your strategy and the market conditions. We will provide advice on funds and finance in order to be able to grow. This can be either through banking or through an investment company, as well as advice on partnerships, mergers and/or acquisitions. We make the difference to the bottom line.


Making the difference every day to ensure tomorrow’s success with total dedication and commitment.


Connecting with each other with shared motivation and the desire to make today’s horticulture even better tomorrow. Sharing knowledge, insights, expertise and network in order to build together on relevant future prospects for you, your company and the industry.


Challenging and inspiring each other to discover new avenues, to create new opportunities and to exploit them. Looking for the business drivers that makes your company more successful: the ambitions, the people, the facts, the developments and the opportunities. Understanding what is going on inside and outside your company.


Setting to work with great enthusiasm, smart resourcefulness and a practical approach. Seizing market opportunities, letting people excel in their roles, pushing boundaries. Every day. Prepared for tomorrow by acting today.

Our core value

Integrated approach

Our core business: the horticultural sector in all its dimensions

Grow, flourish and prune. Every season again. Always on the move. Never the same. A sector with authentic people, real fresh products and endless possibilities. Resilience and relevance to the world.

Our team

The Hillenraad Expert Team, driven professionals

Martien Penning RM
Horticultural expert in products, markets, and technology with 35 years of international strategy experience and expertise.
Founder of Hillenraad.

Thomas de Haas
Strategy and business expert with a special interest in technology, data and business processes. Experienced expert with BCG background.

Saskia Verstraate
Ensures administrative business processes are correct.

Hans van den Ende
Business and organisation expert with 30 years’ experience in building organisations to innovate and perform successfully.

Martijn van Noort
Extensive experience in various management and executive positions in the floriculture sector. Focus on interim management.

Cees Uitbeijerse RA
Chartered accountant with extensive experience in governance & controlling large and medium-sized companies.

Filip van Zon
Highly experienced expert in strategy and corporate finance with a sharp analytical mind.

Pushing boundaries together, discovering, developing and achieving results

From leading established international companies to ambitious mid-sized companies, fast-growing companies, industry associations and solid investment companies. Our esteemed clients.